Enjoy an all levels outdoor yoga flow class at the base of the Big Horn Mountains surrounded by stunning views!

Outdoor Yoga at The Brinton
Barre Fusion

Barre Fusion is a dynamic blend of ballet, yoga, Pilates, and cardio to tighten up what is loose and melt away any unwanted pounds within a matter of ten classes. Beginners are absolutely welcome to the class and you need zero yoga, dance or fitness background to participate!

Synchronize breath to movement with continuous flow from one pose to another. Classes are sequenced in a progression or elemental flow working toward a peak pose. A previous practice of breath and body awareness through alignment and key actions are foundations for this faster moving exercise.

Yoga Flow
ZOOM Align & Flow

A slow steady flow yoga that focuses on alignment and breathing with optional vinyasas. All levels welcome.

Experience elements of a heated vinyasa practice with a slower pace. This class moves with calm energy through a vinyasa flow practice offering time to discover your breath and body awareness as you move.

Hot Slow Flow
Hot Yoga Flow

An energizing upbeat flow in a room heated to about 100 degrees and humidity added! This class consciously combines the practice of asana, breath work, mindfullness and amazing music. This flowing, dynamic class, allows students to connect with the breath, to move in and out of poses with focus while building flexibility, long lean deeply toned muscles and strength, as well as calming and centering the mind.

Various yoga poses work out your core muscles that are usually targeted for toning, like your obliques, and adding heat to the mix can help you sweat and target those muscles even more! Hot yoga = hot bod

Hot Yoga Tone
Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is an asana practice that eases the body into postures that are not taxing. By relaxing into postures that put the body at ease, the mind is put at ease and a sense of calm is restored to the body.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with asanas that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles.

Yin Yoga

A yoga session and a HIIT class rolled into one. The classes  are structured with a combination of high-intensity, cardio-based flows that will get your heart pumping and your muscles working, and slow-flow stretches to relieve any tension.